Como instalar correo empresarial

How to install business mail

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Today we will learn how to configure our business email on an Android device or on the computer, in this case we will be two types of configurations to configure our mail, but do not worry, each one I will explain and tell you in which case each one is used.

As a first step it is important to have already created our business account, in this case if you are the one who manages your business email accounts you must have at hand the necessary information as the username and password, if you do not know how to create a business email I also have a post where I explain you how to create it step by step.

At the beginning of the post I had told you that for this example we will use two types of configurations for our business email, but first I want you to know what each of them is and what it is for, as well as what is the functionality of each of them.

IMAP Protocol What is it?

First we have the IMAP configuration or IMAP protocol (Internet Message Access Protocol) which allows all users to access their business email from different devices. That is, if you have configured your IMAP business email on your cell phone, laptop or tablet, all the emails you send, reply or delete will be synchronized on all devices.

POP3 Protocol What is it?

On the other hand the POP3 protocol (Post Office Protocol 3) is a configuration in charge of downloading all the mails from your server to a device, either a cell phone, laptop, or Tablet, to be later eliminated (depending on the elimination configuration you make), this with the purpose of avoiding that your mail server fills up. 

Unlike the Imap protocol, this one does not allow to have all the emails synchronized, so if you send an email from your laptop, that sent email will not be reflected in the outbox of your mobile, if it will be sent but you will not see it in the other devices.

How to configure Imap business mail

For this example we will be using two programs to perform the imap configuration of a business email, in the case of Android devices we will configure the business email in GMAIL which is an application that most of all phones brings it preinstalled and thus avoid installing another application, in the case of a computer we will use the Outlook program that most computers that handle Office should already have it installed.

Important data to have on hand
  • E-mail(user)
  • Password
  • Incoming and outgoing servers (ask your technical support or check your webmail)

Configure imap business mail in Gmail

To configure your business email in Gmail we will go to the settings section of our phone, which from there will allow us to add a new email account.

Access Accounts

Once inside the settings of our phone, what we must do is click on the section that says accounts, which will show us a list of the different applications that we are using with an email or phone number. In this case you could see the facebook application, whatsapp or gmail, if you do not see any of these do not worry, the section we are interested in is where it says Add Account.

Select account type

Once we have clicked on add account, we will see several options where we will be asked what type of account we want to configure, in our case we will select Personal (IMAP), which is distinguished because it has the M of GMAIL.

Enter your email and password

When we have selected the type of IMAP account it will send us to a section of Gmail which will ask us for our email, we put it and click continue or next.

In this section we place the password of the corporate email.

Lastly, it will show us the configuration of the incoming server, which being with imap protocol, Gmail automatically detects which is the incoming and outgoing server.

Configure business mail and gmail synchronization time

If we have correctly configured and placed the data in the previous steps, at the end we should get a screen like the one below in which we will place how often the device will be synchronizing with the mail server, as well as some extra notifications, this will depend on your tastes.

Finalizing business mail configuration in gmail

Now to finish, the only thing left is to put the name we want our emails to reach the recipient, being a business email my recommendation is that you put the area or department that corresponds to the mail, or if you like you could use your name, and it will be as you decide to handle the business email.

Once you have finished configuring the name, it will take you back to the accounts section, but here what you can do now is to exit there and go to your gmail.

If you don't see the email you just added, you can click on the top icon and it will immediately show you all the email accounts you have configured in gmail as it is in my case.

For this case, just select your account and you should already have at least one message from the mail server where they send you the account configuration data, in this case save it because this data will be useful if you want to add the business mail to Outlook.

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